some really good girly books

some really good girly books

Before I begin talking about my latest obsessions, I would like to announce that as I type this, I am wearing a t-shirt, glasses, a messy bun, and no makeup. I am extremely comfortable and proud. Being a girl is SO difficult, and it is incredibly relieving that I can sit here looking so not done-up. Anyway, I am hear to chat about these two books that are such lovely editions to my tiny little library (it can fill up one bed side table!). The book on the left is titled Braids, Buns, and Twists! by Christina Butcher. The one on the right is titled Lauren Conrad Beauty, by none other than Lauren Conrad herself.

The reasons I love both of these books is because they are two of my favorite things. Beauty and hair. The beauty book by Lauren is personalized and written from her perspective. I feel like I am listening to some of her valuable opinions and tips on the whole beautification system. And that in itself it pretty awesome, considering that Lauren is a beauty and fashion icon and had her own TV shows. She also has a very adorable and helpful website called, if you were wondering. The hair book by Christina Butcher can be described in one word- (a) LIFESAVER. I mean, think about it. For all of those times when you wanted to do something with your hair and you had no idea where to start, this book makes it seem very controllable, easy, and less overwhelming to cutify your hair. (And yes, I did just turn cute into a verb.)

Overall, not only are these books enjoyable and super helpful, they are also great coffee table books (or, in my case, bedside table books) and stylish pieces that start great conversation. The book by Conrad is about twenty-two dollars (with tax), and the Christina Butcher book is about fifteen dollars. I hope you enjoyed this blog post:) have a great day!

Love, Katie



Oh my goodness. I am fairly obsessed with the book The Fault in Our Stars by John Green. Here’s why-

This book is written in the perspective of a sixteen-year-old, cancer-fighting girl named Hazel Grace Lancaster. The disease she has is kind of like a leash on a dog. It limits her, quiets her, and suppresses her. However, Hazel begins to learn how to break that leash as she meets a boy named Augustus Waters, who shows her the beauty in a life she didn’t want to have. He was also a cancer-survivor, but in the process, had a leg amputated. They become inseparable.

I love the book because it draws so much understanding and love and sorrow and obsession from myself. Have you ever cried in a movie trailer? I have now. It is worth every minute of pain and happiness you may feel, and I seriously suggest you get up and go to Barnes and Noble and buy that book right now! You will love it!