what a year it was

Welcome to my world of random Katie thoughts. I am so excited to write, because this year is a very large and fulfilling topic that I think a lot about.

This year has been so changing. I feel really different, in good ways. I feel older and wiser and happier. Throughout this year I’ve thought to myself “How do I do this”. Honestly…sometimes I wonder how I can (and how we all can) push through so much of our schedule. There were moments this year, whether it be from school or other responsibilities, that really tired me out. I’m sure that you can relate. But after all the studying, all the planning, and all the experiences, I’m really glad that I was able to leave this year feeling accomplished. Isn’t it so good to be able to look back at everything you did and feel like you made it. I did it.

Here is a list of things I’ve learned/pictures to show you what I’ve been up to. Some deep, some not. Here we go

  1. I need to do things that make me happy. Saying yes to everything removes me from being able to develop dreams that I truly want to reach. I don’t have time for doing things just to do them. Eventually, I have to realize that some things just don’t stick around forever. And they weren’t really meant to anyways…so it’s okay. For me, this meant no longer pursuing a sport. It also meant spending more time alone with myself to step back and breathe. Before this, I always thought I could do everything with everyone and come out strong and successful. But the hamartia is that I am a human (who needs sleep). By narrowing down what I do every day, I believe it will help me see my passions more clearly.
  2. I have got to take breaks. And not just once a month, or whenever I have time. No. I mean making time to (like I said before) step back and rest. Towards the end of this year, I’ve started to pay more attention to myself and the fact that I need some good ole me time. In 2017, I’m going to keep that up. I’m going to continue to make time for myself to just sit and recharge and think over things.
  3. I need to accept my flaws instead of refusing to have them. And I’m not really talking about my body here, more like my flaws as a person. I have this terrible issue  of misplacing things, forgetting things, or planning things out badly. I know that it’s always been such an inconvenience for other people, not only me, so I always try my hardest to not be so forgetful and scatter-brained. But the other day, I ended up leaving my wallet in Zaxby’s, and I didn’t realize it until I was about to leave and go get dinner with friends. So….after thoroughly searching the house, I had to drive to Zaxby’s, sheepishly ask if they had a gray wallet, and drive back late to dinner with my friends. I know it’s a dumb situation that was fixed, but for some reason I was just so hard on myself. I forgot that I make mistakes, and it’s okay that I make mistakes. Now, I know that whenever things like that happen, I need to forgive myself immediately and realize that it is what it is. This is just a mistake, and I’m going to fix it and keep on moving.
  4. You are most happy when you give your life away. My friend Clark told me that. A few weeks ago, I got to be a part of a weekend work crew that helps put on retreats for YoungLife. I totally love going on trips or retreats with people to hear sermons or experience cool things. But the quote I said at the beginning is so true. By getting up early, serving people their meals, and spending hours setting and cleaning up for them, I got to know a very new perspective of service and fulfillment. I’ve never had to do the dirty, behind-the-scenes stuff. I didn’t earn much recognition. I was never rewarded for doing the things I did. But I felt so happy to be so unnoticed. I felt like through my work, I was able to point directly to God without people looking at me, first. I realized who was really doing the Big Stuff. And that for me was so incredibly fulfilling. I loved each and every kid I served, even though I didn’t know much about them and they didn’t know much about me. Here are some pics from that:

    My girl Gini and I waiting for the campers so we could serve and get to work.


    Behind the scenes in the kitchen…BEFORE WE SERVED THE FOOD!!!!!!


    We were so excited to bring ’em out.

  5. I love feeling like I’ve made someone feel better…like I touched them or changed them somehow. I bet you’ve heard that phrase a million times, and since you have, it’s become an insincere, cliché group of words. But I just want to let you know that I think that about myself now because I’ve seen it happen. I’ve always wanted to help people and love them somehow in my life, and I thought that if I was kind to people and spent time with them, I could begin to do that. After this year, I knew I was right. I’m just really happy to know that I don’t have to take on the whole world and change it. I don’t have to create this huge organization that fixes everything. I do a lot by showing up and living for God. Here are some examples of people I have an impact on:

    The FCA life


    Being a co-small group leader for some crazy seventh grade girls…


    Spending Sundays with my own group 🙂

    All in all, I’ve been lead to be a part of such good things. I hope these pieces of life that I’ve learned will help me as we hit 2017! Bring it on.

Love, Katie


Highschool Happenings

Welcome to “Highschool Happenings”:) I hope your day is going really well, and if it’s not, that’s okay. It makes me feel better to have tea/eno/look at cute puppies/ talk to someone. Anyway, since onegirlwonders is kind of like my little journal to talk about random stuff, I decided I have lots of things I would love to write about and share with you today!!!

First// high school drama. Now, I am not one to be shy. I’m just one of those people where being shy isn’t really in my genes. However, I have really found it quite difficult in some of my classes to be comfortable with the people there. Like, I’ve never been afraid to say what I think and make mistakes. But goodness, there are some severely judgmental people at Johns Creek. I have never heard so many insults and gossips about something that is so petty. Teenagers find anything to judge so they can make themselves feel better. Now, I am guilty to this also, and I don’t like it! I feel like we all have our guards up, trying to stay cooler than everyone else.  But it really is so sad. Like what is this??? I have definitely had my share of awkwardness/uncomfortableness at JC. And I guess it is just a part of life. High school is very interesting.

However, there are so many perks. I have freedom to hang out with my friends after school at Starbucks or Romeo’s. I can eat lunch in a hallway, I can go to the Media Center and study, etc. I just like that I can do a lot of things I couldn’t do before. This year, I have met some people who are diamonds in the ruff. They are wonderfully kind, smart, hilarious, charming, and just fun to be around. I realized that having real friends is much better than having fake ones (even if they may get 200 likes on Instagram).

High school makes you experience a little bit of everything- break-ups, friend problems, working hard, learning, having fun, growing relationships, ending relationships, and a lot more. It molds you into who you will be.

Next// Goooooood (the bae). If I am completely honest with you, God has been in the back of my mind since school started. Sure, I’ve pulled out my Bible, read a verse, and put it away, but that is not nearly enough. Something I’ve learned is that you must prepare your heart for Jesus (by praying) before you invest your time in growing with Him. God is so cool. Now, I fell in love with Him all over again, and I can’t wait to start talking about Him.

Think of God like your perfect best friend- He loves you unconditionally, He is always there for you, and you share every moment together. God promises something that nothing in this whole wide world can give- a Promise of perfect peace, love, happiness, and security. I had a little teary-eyed moment when I was singing the most beautiful, passionate song at church. It’s called Sinking Deep by Hillsong. Please do me a favor and listen to it.


Sorry, if you view this on your phone you can prolly see it way better, THis is basically just the first page of 1 Peter. Check it out!!!!!!!

No matter how many times you abandon God’s arms, He will always have them open; waiting for you to run back to Him. He’s a really nice guy. You should talk to him some time. He’d love it. Here are a few things I think you should see:):IMG_0783IMG_8906

Oh my gosh I just love discovering things that give me a different perspective. Anyway, Here are verses and quotes that I hope you find just as interesting as I do.

MY CHALLENGE TO YOU: Let your faith be bigger than your fear. Let your faith be bigger than your intimidation of people, fear of the future, fear of right now, fear of sickness, any of that. Because YOU, my friend, have A GOD that is so big we don’t even realize it. Don’t let an object or disease or person seem bigger than a Guy that is bigger than the UNIVERSE. Gosh, God’s the bomb.com.

Last//EL SALVADOR!!!!!!!!!! Guys, I am about to go on a mission trip. MISSION TRIPS ARE MY CALLING, so, I am very excited about it. I am so excited to see God in an entirely different way, make new relationships, grow with the ones already here, and just love. The verse on the third pic of a page in the Bible is 1 Peter 1:22. It basically says to love each other deeply and with all of your heart. And I am so excited to do that. Love yawl so much, thank you for reading. You rock. Much love.